By choosing Asaway as a strategic software partner, you can:
Focus on your core businesses and leave the IT challenges to our engineering team Leverage our solutions, resources Have a one stop shop for all your IT needs
We offer our full capabilities to meet our partners’ needs:
Flexible service offerings Support from different teams on technical matters Strategic planning with top management
Communication Channels
Email Phone Instant Messaging Web/Video Conference Web-Based Collaboration Tools
Task Status Project Review and Report Technical Discussion Milestone Review
Staff Security
Mandatory security training for all new hires, NDA is signed by all staff
Physical Security
24/7 security guards, 24/7 power supply, Magnetic ID card authentication, CCTV
Network Security
Secured, separate subnet for each client Anti-virus software for all computers Virus screening of all incoming & outgoing emails All software is scanned for virus before delivery
Backup & Recovery
Data backup plan for each project Backup tapes stored on and off site in secure
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